New Kid on the block – Look at Civilian Military Combine

In our Prius-driven, Labradoodle-walking, multi-tasking world, the idea of a hybrid of anything has almost become the norm. It’s like we’re constantly on the lookout for a new way to combine two familiar things and create something entirely different and better. So it comes as no surprise that when the organizers of the Civilian Military Combine wanted to come up with the … [Read more...]

Rugged Maniac

  The entire race sucked A LOT. But it was bloody awesome. I'll be back next year. -Michael C Young Mud races have become big business. An event that pretty much didn’t exist five years ago has developed a cult following that attracts a million participants a year. Google “what is the best mud race” and you’ll find yourself confronted with 87 million search results … [Read more...]