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Not everyone is meant to be a member of the military, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a workout like a solider.

If you are looking to push yourself to the maximum and go through exercises that simulate real-world situations or combat scenarios like those seen among service members, the HIRT Locker workout might be for you.


HIRT Locker (HIRT stands for High Intensity Real World Training) is based out of Dallas, Texas.

fitness2xtreme-images-hirt-locker-intense-trainingIt is conducted by trainers who have “been there and done that,” as they come from backgrounds in special operations, law enforcement and self-defense.

Anyone who chooses to enter the program will experience benefits such as strength development, cardiovascular improvement and better balance and agility.

According their FAQ, HIRT Locker provides:

  • Workout that integrates everything from rock-climbing, kettlebells, close quarters combat scenarios, fast-roping, and core-strength development….in 1 hour. Taught by former military personnel
  • Develop incredible confidence and new personal defense skills while getting in the best shape of your life.
  • Workout that replicates extreme situations that have happened in real life – taught by the men and women who have had those experiences.
  • Why imagine – when you can do it.

HIRT is a program from the Dallas-based Trident Response Group, a personal security company.

Its owner, Clint Bruce, is a former Navy SEAL who created HIRT based off the BUD/S workout (Basic Underwater Demolition SEAL).

During BUD/S, potential SEALs go through a variety of drills that simulate what military fighters experience in battle. Workouts include running a mile-and-a-half in boots and long pants in under 11-and-a-half minutes.

BUD/s also boasts a Hell Week, where participants run, swim and train on little sleep.


In HIRT programs, this workout is offered in six-week cycles.

Bruce told the Dallas Morning News that about 200 participants started in BUD/S, but by the end of the program, only 12 survived to become Navy SEALs.

Although HIRT does not include the actual BUD/s test for prospective SEALs, its primal strength and conditioning program is just as demanding.

It includes military calisthenics, rock climbing, throwing, pulling, jumping, running and climbing:Close Quarters Combat Scenarios

  • Core Conditioning
  • Military PT
  • Ballistic Strength Development
  • Balance and Agility
  • Cardiovascular Improvement

All HIRT classes are held at the Dallas Rocks climbing gym.

fitness2xtreme-images-hirt-locker-climbing-wallThe facility has 14,000 square feet of climbing space and is split 50/50 between bouldering and route climbing; HIRT participants use a variety of walls in their workout.

The staff at the gym is constantly recycling walls to bring in new challenges for climbers.

The gym’s website talks about rock climbing, which is part of the HIRT program, as a multi-dimensional workout that requires strength and physical endurance.

Dallas Rocks also has a fitness center with kettleballs and medicine balls, along with fitness machines. Both types of exercise balls are incorporated into HIRT classes.

On HIRT’s YouTube channel, there are several videos with participants going through a range of workouts such as running and rock climbing.

Typical workouts showcased and objects used include:

  • Participants flipping tires over and jumping through the hole or hitting it with a medicine ball. They may also jump in and out of the tire or hit the sides with a sledgehammer.
  • Running up the stairs and back down, with or without two heavy buckets, one in each hand.
  • Standing at the top of a platform and pulling up a rope that is on the floor below, moving at a rapid pace.
  • Lifting logs
fitness2xtreme-images-hirt-locker-20-tire-flipping fitness2xtreme-images-hirt-locker-24-sledge-hammer fitness2xtreme-images-hirt-locker-28-calisthenics fitness2xtreme-images-hirt-locker-32-dual-drag

Rock climbing is used in the workout by having participants either move side-to-side on a wall or climbing to the top. In partner workouts, one person stands on the floor and throws a medicine ball to the person who has climbed to the top of the wall.

On the floor, participants warm up by doing somersaults and running a lap before getting on the rock climbing wall. They also beat a mannequin down by tossing it on to a mat and punching it in the face.

During the workout, participants are timed on how fast they can complete running drills, for example. One of the videos shows an instructor telling his group to “get ready to reload,” indicating there is no time for rest. Although the workouts are demanding, they start out small and increase in intensity level as more strength is built and participants get used to the HIRT Locker.


The program is based entirely indoors at Dallas Rocks. Classes are held at 6 a.m., 7:15 a.m., 8:30 a.m and 11:30 a.m. on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and other sessions can be scheduled on Tuesday and Thursday by appointment.

HIRT offers five levels of payment plans for those interested in getting the most out of the program. Members must have a punch card to be able to work out. Membership options are:

  • Alpha: $55/month plus tax (unlimited workouts)
  • Bravo: $45/month plus tax (unlimited workouts). This option is geared towards active and reserve military members, as well as civil service personnel.
  • Charlie: $32/month (five workouts a month). Targeted for civil service personnel
  • Delta Delayed Entry Program: $35/month plus tax (unlimited workouts)
  • Echo Dallas Rocks: $20/month plus tax (unlimited workouts)

Membership benefits include rock climbing one day a month and technical shooting classes one day a month. In technical shooting, participants use a gun to shoot at a simulated battle projected on a movie screen.

Members can also take part in the Weekend Warrior Challenge, a program that encourages healthy eating and exercising during the weekend, when people might have more time to devote to fitness.

Participants can have a variety of goals such as completing a certain amount of strength training or running a certain distance. They can also choose to eat healthy by limiting carbohydrate intake, for example, or avoiding fried foods.

In addition to membership options, anyone who wants to try one class can sign up for $10.

Anyone coming to a class should wear workout clothes and bring a towel. Any special equipment, such as rock-climbing harnesses or shoes, will be provided.


The Trident Group offers three, distinctively designed programs:

  • The HIRT Locker
  • Primal Strength and Conditioning
  • SEAL Boot Camp Fitness

The HIRT Locker program is unique in that unlike some other bootcamps, it offers close quarter combat training along with physical conditioning.

If you are tired of regular, boring workouts and live near Dallas, the HIRT Locker training just might be what you need to jump start your body and mind.


  • DO NOT VISIT www.hirtlocker.com. This site is NOT related to HIRT program offered by the Trident Group. In fact, www.hirtlocker.com site may contain malware(s).
  • “Trained under maximum stress and thriving on chaos, Navy SEALs live for missions like the bin Laden raid.” –Dallas Morning News, May 5, 2011
  • The HIRTlocker YouTube

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