Learn to never give up from a Navy SEAL Commander McRaven

SKINNY - take it one revolution at a time. When life comes up at you hard and fast, do not panic. Take few deep breaths first and settle your mind. Then take the first step to solving that problem. It does not matter if that is the right step or not. Just take a step, then take another. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qox43Tih8h0 … [Read more...]

Insane Russian Teenagers Risking Life to Take Sky High Pictures

Rather than skateboarding, these teenagers sure know how to kick up a notch and go for that testosterone rush! According to the New York Daily News has noted that skywalking is a growing trend in Russia. "The astonishing feat is an example of skywalking, a growing trend in Russia, in which photographers scale hard-to-reach heights for incredible photo-ops," wrote NY Daily … [Read more...]

Te’o admit to lying about his “fake girlfriend”

I am not going to re-hash the "story" but here is a bit of advice for Manti: Don't take the same path as Lance Armstrong. Whatever mistakes you may have made in the past, man-up and own up to them, then move on. Nothing swats away unwanted attention better than the truth and transparency because then there will be no more "news". You got your whole life ahead of … [Read more...]

All or Nothing at Ironman St. George

Back in March of 2009, the World Triathlon Corporation (WTC) announced that its newest Ironman competition would be held in St. George, Utah. Representatives from St. George’s tourism office joined in the press release: The determination and tenacity demonstrated by Ironman athletes resembles the fortitude of the early settlers in this area and the spirit of our residents. … [Read more...]

Silverman Long Course Triathlon

When a triathlete uses the phrase “The Man”, there is only one person they can mean – Dave Scott, six-time Ironman Triathlon World Champion. Any race that Dave Scott endorses, or even competes in, is automatically recognized as a race worth doing … it’s kind of like those old Merrill Lynch ads; when Dave Scott talks, people listen. So when Scott said that the Silverman … [Read more...]