New Kid on the block – Look at Civilian Military Combine

In our Prius-driven, Labradoodle-walking, multi-tasking world, the idea of a hybrid of anything has almost become the norm. It’s like we’re constantly on the lookout for a new way to combine two familiar things and create something entirely different and better. So it comes as no surprise that when the organizers of the Civilian Military […]

Rugged Maniac

  The entire race sucked A LOT. But it was bloody awesome. I’ll be back next year. –Michael C Young Mud races have become big business. An event that pretty much didn’t exist five years ago has developed a cult following that attracts a million participants a year. Google “what is the best mud race” […]

Are You Unbreakable – Spartan Race

Jumping through fire and swimming through icy waters. Slogging through mud. Shimmying under barbed wire and hurdling walls, dragging a tractor tire across a field and finding that once you’ve finished you’re being faced by a couple of armed goons blocking your path. Sounds a lot like a scene from a prison escape movie rather […]

Tough Mudder Challenge

As I walk up to the Tough Mudder registration desk, my heart is in my throat. I am nervous, excited, intimidated and hesitant all mixed into one. The event does a great job at bringing people together and making them feel comfortable, but they don’t fool me, I know what I’m about to do is […]