Toughing It Out with SEAL PT

That’s right. SEAL PT (Physical Training). Like in Navy SEAL, the most elite of all fighting forces. You’ve probably seen them on the news most recently because they’re the bad-asses that took out Public Enemy Number One, Osama Bin Laden. The media mesmerized and inspired us with 24/7 video of the torturous training the Seals […]

Most Fit U Can Be with CrossFit Hardcore

When you’ve got everybody from SWAT team members to suits to soccer moms raving in a somewhat wild-eyed way about their exercise regimen, calling it an addiction and explaining that they’ve never felt better about themselves in their lives, then any self-respecting fitness aficionado had better sit up and take notice – especially when one […]

Sucking Wind at Maui Crossfit Extreme

Maui CrossFit Extreme may be one of the most brutal and unforgiving things you can do to your body. Think that’s a strong statement? Well it is, and it’s meant literally. Now, before you run and hide in a little corner, read this entire story.  Only then will you have all of the facts in […]