HIRT Locker Boot Camp

Not everyone is meant to be a member of the military, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a workout like a solider. If you are looking to push yourself to the maximum and go through exercises that simulate real-world situations or combat scenarios like those seen among service members, the HIRT Locker workout might be for you. WHAT IS HIRT HIRT Locker (HIRT stands for … [Read more...]

Time to Suck Up for Your Gut Check

Sometimes when you’re working out at your nearby gym, you may feel that you’re not being challenged enough anymore. You come in three or four days a week to stay healthy, but you find that you’re getting tired of using the same machines, going to the same classes or training with the same weights. You want to keep in shape, but you need a new routine. If you are looking for … [Read more...]