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Maui CrossFit Extreme may be one of the most brutal and unforgiving things you can do to your body. Think that’s a strong statement? Well it is, and it’s meant literally. Now, before you run and hide in a little corner, read this entire story.  Only then will you have all of the facts in order to decide if Maui CrossFit Extreme is right for you.

fitness2xtreme maui crossfit extreme logoFrom the outside looking in, Wailuku, Hawaii is one of the most beautiful and relaxing places in the world. The area is filled with green mountains almost reaching the ski, crystal clear waterfalls, and lush trees inching their way into civilization.

It’s a sweet scene, until you realize you have to do the WOD (Workout of the Day).

The WOD is a set of exercises that every other crossfitter is doing on the same day.

The WOD’s change everyday and you really never know what you’re going to get. All you do know is that the Maui CrossFit Extreme trainers are going to make sure you do it right.


The trainers at Maui CrossFit Extreme are trained and certified in many different areas of CrossFit.

Take the owner, Lee Poston for example, he has a wide range of certifications such as PT Dip. MDT, CSCS, Level I CrossFit, CrossFit Olympic Lifting, CrossFit Running and Endurance, Pose instructor, CPR (crossfitter know why he needs to know this), and SCUBA (in case you ever wanted to take your workout to the water?)fitness2xtreme images maui crossfit lee poston

Lee is also one of a few hundred people in the world to have a Diploma in Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy of the Spine and Extremities, which is a pretty hefty title.

The rest of Lee’s staff have multiple certifications as well which proves two important things:

One, they are passionate about the sport and will teach you proper movements and techniques but don’t kid yourself, they will design a routine to kick the crap out of your body until there is nothing left except but strength, power, and a truckload of self-dignity.

Two,  as much as they are there to challenge your physical and mental limits, they don’t want you to actually get hurt.  That is where their extensive bio mechanical and other trainings to prevent that from happening.

Changes in Your Body

Maui CrossFit Extreme will change your body – for the better, and frankly, make it a little worse in some areas as well.

The bad things aren’t a big deal for anyone who is tough enough to take it.

If you can’t handle callused hands, bruised up knees, and constantly dirty fingernails, then CrossFit is not for you. Those small “bad” changes don’t even compare to the amazing “good” changes that will happen.

You’ll be trading those soft hands for toned and defined arms due to the pull-ups, thrusters, and monkey bars. Say good-bye to clean fingernails and hello to chiseled abs from all of the burpees and throwing around a giant rubber tire.

fitness2xtreme-reviews-maui-crossfit-woman-medicine-ballFinally, you’ll give up those precious pretty knees for the tightest ass you’ve ever had because of the box jump squats.

It’s completely up to you whether you want to sacrifice a few unimportant aspects of your body like fingernails in order to get the body you’ve always wanted. If you are even questioning which is more important, fingernails or abs, then again, CrossFit is not for you.

Changes in Your Life

If you decided you wanted to take the plunge and give Maui CrossFit Extreme a go, then you better be prepared for a few things to start happening.

First and foremost, after your first class, you will want to give up. You will also think that you had a momentary lapse of insanity for even thinking you could actually do it.fitness2xtreme reviews maui crossfit extreme sledding

After a few minutes of deciding if you should leave, do yourself a quick favor, look around. Look at all the other faces in there dripping with sweat. Do you actually think it is easy for them? Because here’s some news for you, it’s not.

They want to quit just as bad as you do and they are hurting, probably even more than you are. The difference is, Maui CrossFit Extreme has taught them how to take that fear and doubt and turn it into fuel to continue to wake up every single morning and challenge themselves to better than they were yesterday.

So instead of simply walking out of the warehouse (yes, you will be working out in a warehouse), try, just try to complete one exercise. Then try to finish the next exercise.

With each one of those small victories, you’ll feel it.

It’s impossible to describe to you what exactly you will feel, but you’ll know when you feel it.

Use that feeling during every single Maui CrossFit Extreme class and you’ll change. You may not see it over night, but you’ll feel it and you’ll thank Sweet Baby Jesus everyday that you hurt that bad.



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