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White Rock Lake Park in Dallas, Texas is often called the city’s crown jewel.  Described as a surprising oasis in the midst of America’s ninth largest city, it boasts nine miles of pristine hiking and biking trails along a beautiful lake with sweeping vistas.

Arrive on a bright Saturday morning and you are likely to see walkers and joggers, sailboats dotting the lake’s surface, even brides and grooms being trailed by photographers looking for the perfect shot amidst the serenity of the scene…which must make it all the more unnerving when the peace and quiet is interrupted by the sounds of grunts.  dallas military fitness white rock texas

Off in the distance you’re likely to see a dozen militarily-clad, sweat-soaked recruits holding what look like rifles over their heads, charging up the hill in your direction.

It’s Dallas Military Fitness, the longest-running military-style boot camp in Dallas.

They are the only boot camp program in the Dallas area authorized to hold classes here, and despite its surroundings, it’s no walk in the park.

Tough Discipline

Dallas Military Fitness bills itself as a tough, disciplined rain-or-shine program that disdains civilian workout efforts like Pilates and water aerobics and relies on old-fashioned calisthenics and drills, done for a full hour or until you drop – whichever comes first. 

You’ll find nothing fancy going on here, no musical routines or fancy equipment.

Their mission is to train their students the same way that the instructors were trained themselves – in the Navy Seal and Army Ranger way – their website reports that their classes are so effective that they’ve become a popular preparation option for those headed on to basic training.

The program is offered to both men and women and invites students of all fitness levels.

Discipline is stressed, and instilled from the very start by the use of both military language and a basic-training-style dress code – all participants are “issued” a required military green tee shirt with Dallas Military Fitnessdallas-military-fitness-overhead-pushups emblazoned across the front, effectively eliminating any sense of individuality, inferiority or superiority that fancy workout clothes might convey.

Though students are allowed to choose their own footwear and bottoms, they also provide information on the purchase of Bates Military boots and where to find an Army-Navy store for olive drab pants if you want to go all out. Workout gloves are recommended, and may just come in handy for doing mountain climbers and push-ups on the hard ground in the park – you’ll find no cushy mats here.


What you will find is two trainers who are dedicated to hardcore physical training and pushing their students to be their very best. 

Chief Instructor Miller was a boot camp student himself who became so enamored of the program that when it was about to disband, he continued it himself, pursuing Cooper Institute Personal Trainer certification and CPR certification so that he could provide the same high-level workout that he had received.

He recruited Instructor McClendon, a U.S. Army Ranger and personal trainer who learned military training the hard way – in person – to round out his instructional squad.

Together they offer a choice of monthly programs based on three classes per week or strictly Saturdays, with classes meeting after working hours to make them more convenient to attend.

Of course, once you’ve signed up, convenience will be the last word that comes to mind. These classes are designed with the military’s PT (Physical Test) in mind, so don’t think you’re going to be doing a few biceps curls and crunches.


The fitness standards that these trainers are shooting for are runs at a six or seven mile pace, push-up sequences numbering between 80 and 100 for men and forty to sixty for women and similar numbers of sit-ups. 

There’s only one way to get to numbers like those – to practice those same exercises to the point of exhaustion, and that’s what this boot camp promises –  a daily changing routine that will work you hard and deliver the goods.

Photos from Dallas Military Fitness’ website show men and women of all shapes, sizes and ages running up hills holding “rifles” (which are actually eight-pound bars), doing push-ups in military formation, sweating over mountain-climbers done across fields in the blazing sunshine, and muscle-burning calisthenics that, if survived, offer both endurance and strength.

All muscle groups are targeted and all fitness levels are welcomed, and their website promises that because the classes are so intense, the three day class is all you need to lose both weight and inches while getting into the best shape of your life.

dallas-military-fitness-training-runsThe month-long class both culminates with a PT, or Physical Test, that is very similar to that administered by the military; the number of push-ups, sit-ups, pull-ups and your pace on a two mile run are documented, and for those who continue on for another month, there is tremendous satisfaction found in improvement on such a tough scale of measurement – there is also a fifty percent discount for those who continue on, regardless of whether you take the three-day per week or one-day per week option. 

Dallas Military Fitness also awards a Ranger classification to those who show exceptional achievement, and the definition of that can change with each recipient – in some cases it is awarded for amount of weight lost, overall determination, improvement, courage or attitude.

The award is a point of pride for its recipients, who earn the right to lead classes.

M.I.A (missing in action)?

Dallas Military Fitness devotes much of its website space to touting its long tenure, to being the original boot camp in the area, and having been voted Best Real Boot Camp in Dallas, but outside of their own website there is little information available.

No participants or instructors have blogged about the class, no other online reviews are available, and of most concern, numerous calls and emails to them looking for class-specific information or testimonials from their graduates were ignored. 


Unfortunately, an apparent disinterest on the part of both the owners and even those who have previously ‘liked’ the organization’s Facebook page, it is impossible to determine whether the workout is as good as it claims to be at the present time, or even whether the organization is still operating.

We hope to see re-energized Dallas Military Fitness bootcamp in the near future.

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