Are You Unbreakable – Spartan Race

Jumping through fire and swimming through icy waters. Slogging through mud. Shimmying under barbed wire and hurdling walls, dragging a tractor tire across a field and finding that once you’ve finished you’re being faced by a couple of armed goons blocking your path. Sounds a lot like a scene from a prison escape movie rather […]

Carb-loading Strategy

SLOW CARBS PRE, FAST CARBS POST A couple of different studies suggest that the type of carbohydrates you consume for endurance training might significantly impact your performance. Before hitting the gym or the bike trail, research published in the Journal of Medicine and Science in Sport suggests sticking with low glycemic index (GI) carbohydrates. GI […]

Tough Guy Competition

The annual event held in United Kingdom, bills itself as the world’s safest, most dangerous taste of mental and physical pain, fear and endurance. ToughGuy, which began 24 years ago and is still run by its founder, Billy Wilson (a former Guards officer in the British army), certainly preceded Tough Mudder. And it certainly is […]

Dallas Military Fitness Washout

White Rock Lake Park in Dallas, Texas is often called the city’s crown jewel.  Described as a surprising oasis in the midst of America’s ninth largest city, it boasts nine miles of pristine hiking and biking trails along a beautiful lake with sweeping vistas. Arrive on a bright Saturday morning and you are likely to […]

Barry’s Boot Camp

If you’re one of those who hear about celebrity workouts and snort derisively, cock-certain that no workout that some pampered Hollywood princess or national news anchor would do can measure up to your athletic prowess, then get on over to Barry’s Bootcamp. They’ll take your self-satisfied ass, whip it into a mass of quivering jello, […]

Basic Training SF

California is a world unto itself. Long known (and loved) for both its easy-going, laid-back ways and its healthy, outdoorsy lifestyle, it’s a little hard to square that image with a rigid, boot camp style of workout. But Basic Training San Francisco manages to combine those opposing world views in just the right way, providing […]

Drop Zone Boot Camp

  Some military-style boot camps are geared to those who are already in shape, but want to take their fitness level up a notch. With workouts such as lifting heavy buckets and flipping tires, it can seem like it will take forever before you are able to join the ranks of the very fit. However, […]

Sucking Wind at Maui Crossfit Extreme

Maui CrossFit Extreme may be one of the most brutal and unforgiving things you can do to your body. Think that’s a strong statement? Well it is, and it’s meant literally. Now, before you run and hide in a little corner, read this entire story.  Only then will you have all of the facts in […]

Tough Mudder Challenge

As I walk up to the Tough Mudder registration desk, my heart is in my throat. I am nervous, excited, intimidated and hesitant all mixed into one. The event does a great job at bringing people together and making them feel comfortable, but they don’t fool me, I know what I’m about to do is […]

Absolute Pain Guaranteed at SEALFit

Mention the SEALFit (SEAL is US Navy’s acronym for Sea, Air and Land Teams) program to just about anybody in the world of hardcore fitness and check out their reaction; there’s a visible show of respect, perhaps tinged with a “those guys are crazy”. It’s almost like they square their shoulders in a bit more […]