Warrior Fitness

Your first view of the inside of Warrior Fitness Boot Camp on Manhattan’s W. 35th Street is likely to make you feel like you’ve found an adult playground; after all, the first thing you spot when you walk in are the monkey bars. But that first impression is immediately offset by the bellows of the […]

Austin Adventure Bootcamp

A 5:30 a.m. boot camp class means a 4:30 wake-up call, and on cold mornings it also means putting on lots of layers and a quick application of Chapstick. This class is held out in the fresh air, no matter how frigid or dark, so you know that Austin Adventure Boot Camp must provide a […]

Toughing It Out with SEAL PT

That’s right. SEAL PT (Physical Training). Like in Navy SEAL, the most elite of all fighting forces. You’ve probably seen them on the news most recently because they’re the bad-asses that took out Public Enemy Number One, Osama Bin Laden. The media mesmerized and inspired us with 24/7 video of the torturous training the Seals […]

Most Fit U Can Be with CrossFit Hardcore

When you’ve got everybody from SWAT team members to suits to soccer moms raving in a somewhat wild-eyed way about their exercise regimen, calling it an addiction and explaining that they’ve never felt better about themselves in their lives, then any self-respecting fitness aficionado had better sit up and take notice – especially when one […]

Rugged Maniacs

Rugged Maniac is a 5K (3.2 mile) obstacle course race that combines the most rugged terrain and burly obstacles to allow those with a sense of adventure to define themselves, then bask in glory at a rocking after party with great bands, good food and plenty of beer! Each Rugged Maniac features at least twenty […]

Lincoln Park Triathlon – Lincoln Park NJ

Lincoln Park Triathlon · USAT Certified Event Race Date: July 1, 2012 Location: Lincoln Park, NJ – just 30 minutes west of NYC Race Distance: Swim: 0.31 Miles Bike: 10 Miles Run 3.1 Miles Entry Fees: Individual Entry: $75.00 until 5/31, $80.00 until 6/23, $85.00 until 6/27 2-3 Person Relay: $90.00 ($30.00/person) All non-members of […]

Metro Dash – Boston MA

Start Times: You will be able to select your preferred start time during registration. We make every effort to accommodate your preferred start time, but it is not guaranteed. You will receive an email one week prior to race day with your official start time. If you are competing to win you must select an […]

Civilian Military Combine – Camelback Mtn PA

The CMC competition is designed for all level athletes to test strength, endurance and agility. Race day structure consists of “The PIT” (strength element) transitioning into a 7 mountain run with a military obstacle course positioned at every mile marker. The difficulty of the course is determined by you the competitor, whether you are a […]

Ultra Races

We are in a process of updating our content to include in-depth information on ultramarathons, triathlon/biathlon and other extreme races. Please make sure to sign up for our “coming-soon” newsletters for more updates.


  So you decided that this was the year you are going to lose those extra pounds and get into shape. The question then becomes how? Three of the American Council of Exercise’s Top 10 Fitness Trends for 2011 are # 5 the buddy system which provides peer encouragement, leading to the increased potential of […]