Merrell Getting Down and Dirty

When it comes to mud runs, muck is the only given; the need for muscle, not so much. There are plenty of mud runs and obstacle courses that are truly extreme events, designed to make contestants dig deep and call on reserves of strength built from hours in the gym. Some require miles of roadwork to build up endurance, or a good understanding of teamwork as well as inner … [Read more...]

Treatment for Ankle Sprain

It’s kind of funny … when you were reading through all the feedback about last year’s version of the mud run you just did, and you read all the comments that people posted on Facebook , you just kind of skipped over the parts where people talked about their injuries. It’s almost like you thought that it wouldn’t – couldn’t – happen to you. But now you’ve completed the … [Read more...]

How to Reduce the Risk of Ankle Sprain By 50%

If you are looking for some quick tips on ankle sprain treatments, click here When you sign up for a mud run or obstacle course event, your mind immediately leaps to the training you’ll need to do. You’ve got lots of running ahead of you, and lots of strength work focusing on your core and functional fitness. You may be thinking about organizing a group of your … [Read more...]

Spartan Death Race – Extreme Is Not Enough

There is a certain amount of hype and bravado that goes into almost all of the extreme mud races and obstacle courses. Whether it’s coming from the event organizers themselves or those who have actually survived the ordeal, most people considering signing up for this type of race automatically discount at least a fraction of what they’re being told as just so much spin and head … [Read more...]

GoRuck Challenge – Promoting a Bag or Building a Team?

When you first hear about the GoRuck Challenge you can’t help but think that it sounds like shameless self-promotion with a bit of revenue generation thrown in – an extreme workout that you pay $120 to participate in, all for the right to test out a bag and earn a patch if you complete it? Really? But a closer look reveals that this is no sales gimmick, and that patch, once … [Read more...]