Fitness2Xtreme is a comprehensive online resource for individuals seeking to push their mental and physical limits to the xtreme!

We believe in creating a lively community for the extreme athletes to share their inspiring stories of challenges and what they did to over come them.  Regardless of who you are, if you have the dedication and desire to participate, you can be an xtreme athlete!

Because there are so many xtreme competitions at varying levels, we have broken them into the following categories:

Fitness2Xtreme TRAINING PROGRAMS:  this is the very foundation where everything is built upon.  We discuss wide variety of xtreme training programs to jump start your physical and mental conditioning to compete at a higher level.

Fitness2Xtreme BOOTCAMPS: Mental and physical challenges take a different look and feel in a group setting.  Great to get in on these boot camps to further sharpen your minds.

Fitness2Xtreme Challenges: Now we are getting tougher.  Some events are fun (like Tough Mudder) but others can be brutal (SealFit).  You must be ready to push and stretch your physical and mental limits.

Fitness2Xtreme Races: The Ultimate crucible.  Xtreme races can be anything from a biathlon event, all the way to the ultra marathon races (i.e. The Canadian Death Race).  You complete one of these events, you will be hooked for life!


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